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Coding Safe Modern C++ with AUTOSAR Guidelines
On-demand Webinar
Learn about the background to the development of the AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines, why they are important, and how to apply them.
Introduction to AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines
White Paper
This whitepaper gives a brief overview of the new AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines and offers guidance on how to comply with them.
The Myth of Perfect MISRA Compliance
White Paper
This paper discusses the reasons why claims of 100% MISRA compliance are either a misconception or a deception and provides additional criteria when assessing tool performance.
 Nine Steps To Choosing The Right Coding Standard
White Paper
This whitepaper looks more closely at the details that need to be considered so that the coding standard chosen is fit for purpose.
Safety and Security for Assisted and Autonomous Vehicles
White Paper
In this whitepaper we will examine the implications for developing assisted and autonomous driving applications.
Automating Coding Standards
White Paper
Learn how the adoption of a highly effective coding standard helps organizations increase software quality and reduce development costs.
How to Choose the Right Coding Standard for Embedded Software Security
White Paper
Download this paper to learn how to choose and enforce the best coding standard for your application to reduce security vulnerabilities.
Application Security - the Achilles heel in cyber defense?
On-demand Webinar
Security isn’t an option. Most security vulnerabilities are a result of coding errors that go undetected in the development stage, making secure software development imperative.
A Pragmatic Approach to Software Quality Management
On-demand Webinar
A guide to managing software quality, dealing with different project builds, documenting deviations and introduction of quality metrics.
Undecidability in Static Code Analysis
On-demand Webinar
In this undecidability webinar, learn how it affects static analysis, how to recognize rules and mechanisms to deal with undecidability.
An introduction to MISRA C:2012
On-demand Webinar
This video gives an overview of the key changes in MISRA C:2012, including the new classifications and the real meaning of compliance.
C Static Analysis & MISRA C in Japan
On-demand Seminar
Takao Fugamami, Chief Engineer at Toyo, discusses Japanese trends for the C language, analysis of C code and automotive & MISRA C markets.
CERT Secure Coding Initiative
On-demand Seminar
This video discusses the fit of CERT and coding standards within ISO 26262.
Coding Standard Compliance – Some Facts and Some Fallacies
On-demand Webinar
This video discusses coding standard compliance facts and fallacies including popular standards and how best to achieve MISRA compliance.
Safe Software in Aerospace and Defense
On-demand Webinar
This webinar outlines the key processes and coding standards/best practice adopted by aerospace & defense companies.
Developing High Quality Software: in theory & in practice
On-demand Webinar
This webinar identifies the main areas to consider when developing high quality software and then demonstrates the real deployment of these.
Achieving EN 50128 Compliance
On-demand Webinar
This webinar explores how EN 50128 compares with other process standards, identifies where these standards are similar and where they differ.
Freeing C++ Developers with a Coding Standard
On-demand Seminar
This video demonstrates how following an industry recognized coding standard promotes best practice use of new language features, results in code that is more maintainable, more robust and has fewer residual bugs.
Principals of Functional Safety with ISO 26262
On-demand Seminar
This video presentation covers the principals of Functional Safety with ISO 26262 including adapting ISO 26262 to software & software design.
An Overview of Coding Standards
On-demand Webinar
This video covers the characteristics of good coding standards, discusses the most frequently used standards and good and bad coding rules.
Risks of Connected Car Security
On-demand Seminar
This video discusses the risks of connected car security. With car manufacturers continuing to eliminate the mechanical links between the driver and the drive train, ensuring software security is imperative.
Controlling Deviations in a MISRA Compliance Environment
On-demand Seminar
This video discusses evolution of MISRA C Coding Standards, a historic and new approach to controlling deviations, categorization and tools.
Continuous Code Inspection – Advancing Software Quality At Source
On-demand Webinar
An overview of how the practice of Continuous Code Inspection can help detect & fix defects at the earliest stage in the development process.
Continuous Integration – The Philosophy and The Facts
On-demand Webinar
An overview of the Continuous Integration philosophy and the benefits of combining static analysis and Continuous Integration.
RoI: a business case for static analysis
On-demand Webinar
This webinar identifies key factors which impact on RoI and examines an open source project to demonstrate the potential financial impact.
Improve Code Quality in High Volume, Process Controlled Products
On-demand Seminar
Watch the video to learn more about how to improve code quality in high volume, process controlled products by finding the right balance between static and dynamic code analysis.
Secure Coding with Multi-Threading
On-demand Seminar
This video discusses the main principles of secure and safe programming in multi-threading and parallel environments.
Software Development For Safety-Critical Environments, How Safe Are You?
On-demand Seminar
This webinar gives an overview of the key differences and implications in approach for standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and DO-178B/C.
MISRA vs CERT for Safety & Security 
On-demand Seminar
This video discusses the differences and similarities of the CERT and MISRA coding standards for safety and security.
Software Development is Expensive - By Nature - or is it?
On-demand Seminar
This video explains that there are many ways in which you can reduce the cost of software development, whilst ensuring you maintain the high quality of your software.
Software Metrics: Friend or Foe?
On-demand Seminar
This video looks at some of the arguments concerning the necessity of software metrics and whether their use actually improves software quality.
Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities and Focused Testing
On-demand Seminar
This video covers: CERT & CWE, why we need coding standards, weaknesses vs vulnerabilities and how to prioritize vulnerabilities.
Capturing and Communicating Software Assurance
On-demand Seminar
This video provides valuable information that can be applied to any embedded software development organization.
VDC Industry Survey and Analysis
White Paper
The increasing value and complexity of software call for the reevaluation of development and testing practices.
A Guide to Achieving IEC 61508 Compliance Using Static Analysis
White Paper
Learn how to find the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve and document compliance with the rules and requirements of IEC 61508.
A Free Guide to Achieving ISO 26262 Compliance Using Static Analysis
White Paper
Software quality and code compliance is a challenge for most organizations and one for which static analysis tools are ideally positioned to enforce.
Using Static Analysis To Overcome the Challenges of Reusing Code For Embedded Software
White Paper
How to improve reliability, safety and security while reducing development time.
Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Embedded Applications Using Best Practice Software Development Processes and Standards
White Paper
An introduction to applying CWE coding guidelines and achieving CERT security compliance using static analysis tools.
Return On Investment
White Paper
We provide a business case for static code analysis by identifying 10 key drivers that impact the optimization of the return on investment.
Succeeding With Static Analysis: An Implementation Guide
White Paper
This white paper covers the issues software development organizations face when deploying source code analysis tools and provides solutions to help you successfully deploy these tools.
Static Source Code Analysis: A Buyer’s Guide
White Paper
Key decision criteria for selecting tools to develop embedded software that is more reliable, safe, and secure.
Improving Code Optimization
White Paper
Improving Code Optimization: Abstract Interpretation of C language with Bit-Vector SMT.
MISRA: An Overview
White Paper
Get a quick overview of the MISRA coding standard and using static analysis to achieve compliance.
The Best Coding Standards Eliminate Bugs
White Paper
This paper describes several scenarios where coding standards prevent the misuse of the C and C++ languages.
Addressing Security Vulnerabilities At The Source
White Paper
A guide to using static source code analysis to develop more secure embedded software applications.
Developing Secure Embedded Software
White Paper
This paper explains why some commonly used approaches to security typically fail and outlines a development strategy for getting security right.
Secure Coding Institute: New Research
White Paper
An empirical study demonstrating the use of static analysis to detect secure coding violations of CERT C coding standard .
Achieving Machinery Functional Safety
White Paper
According to IEC 61508, ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.
MISRA C:2012
White Paper
This paper discusses the thinking and motivation, which has led to the publication of the latest MISRA C:2012 version.
High Integrity C++ Coding Standard V4.0
White Paper
This whitepaper provides an overview of the High Integrity C++ coding standard, one of the most respected, longest established and widely adopted C++ coding standards.
Using Static Analysis And Continuous Integration To Improve Code Quality
White Paper
Learn how to achieve higher quality code within tighter project deadlines.
Achieving EN 50128 Compliance
White Paper
Learn how to maintain and enforce the functional safety for standard railway applications.
Software Metrics: Friend Or Foe?
White Paper
Are software metrics necessary? Do the software metrics and their use actually improve software quality and security?
The Developer
White Paper
Hundreds of developers have taken the challenge to review and find defects in a page of C code. Learn how they performed against automated static analysis.
Comparative Study Of MISRA C Compliancy Checking Tools!
White Paper
This report provides the results from an independent research by TERA-Labs, a division of the Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp.
How Good Is Your Compiler?
White Paper
This paper explains why developers should not rely on the compiler’s syntax checking to find coding defects.
 How IoT is Making Security Imperative for All Embedded Software
White Paper
Why embedded software development needs to change and what organizations can do to improve software security while reducing development time.
Overlap Between Coding Standards
White Paper
HICPP, JSF++ and MISRA C++: a study of rule overlaps and effective compliance.
Continuous Code Inspection
White Paper
In this paper, you will learn that you will need to consider some key areas in order to make continuous code inspection more effective.