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Here's what you'll get:

  1. Accurate diagnostics other tools miss and how to fix them:
    See all instances of message violations together with a description and impact analysis of the problem in context and suggestions of potential ways of re-coding to avoid the problem.

  2. Compliance Report
    Measure your compliance with coding standards (MISRA, CERT, CWE, JSF AV C++ and HIC++) and identify how to address compliance violations.

  3. ROI Projections
    You'll have a projection of how much is improved code quality worth for you and your firm.

Here's how it works

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PRQA's evaluation is designed to provide an in-depth, guided introduction to our enterprise grade static analysis solutions for C and C++.

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Yves Willems
We apply MISRA based coding guidelines and have been very impressed by the ability of QA∙C and QA∙C++ to find issues that other tools miss and also the low level of false positives (noise).
Yves Willems, Software Engineering Manager Biocartis NV
Robert Seacord
"PRQA’s QA·C analyzer is effective at discovering violations of The CERT® C Coding Standard that were not discovered through 20 years of testing or by other static analysis tools"
Robert Seacord, Founder Secure Coding Institute