MISRA: An Overview

Ensure Software Reliability

Achieve MISRA Compliance and Improve Code Quality

MISRA coding standards were originally developed to provide the Automotive Industry a recognized standard to ensure safety critical systems are free of coding defects. Today that challenge is even greater, as software can now extend to as much as 100 million lines of code - Proving compliance with MISRA C & MISRA C++ is practically becoming a mandatory requirement for organizations in any industry.

”QA·C with MISRA helped us to identify issues and bugs at a very early stage during development” Mentor Graphics.


Download the MISRA Overview whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Motivating factors driving the adoption of MISRA

  • How MISRA built a reputation as a world leader in coding standards for embedded software development

  • How MISRA C & C++ can be used effectively to develop reliable software

  • Why you need static code analysis to provide consistent enforcement

  • The latest MISRA security amendment

Download the MISRA whitepaper

About PRQA:

Since 1985, PRQA has pioneered software coding governance in the automotive, aerospace, transport, finance, medical device and energy industries. Supporting both small start-ups and globally recognized brands, we provide sophisticated code analysis, robust defect detection and enforcement of both bespoke and industry coding standards through functional integrity and application security.

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